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Will conduct series of talk/seminar/workshop on Fashion Styling for the Media:

Singapore– Last week of February/ March. Location: 39 Stamford Road #02-03 Stamford House, Singapore 178 885

to regsiter, pls visit :Sophystique Singapore Website click here for more info 

Malaysia (May 2007)

Vietnam (May 2007)

Philippines–  (will be announced later)

Hong Kong (will be announced later)

*location, time and dates are flexible depending on students’ availability

**will keep you posted for final schedule and more infos.

for enquiries pls E-mail: 

MSN: YM id: style_pedia

Styling, as they say, is one of the most misunderstood jobs in the industry. A fashion stylist’s work is different from a fashion designer, nor from a hair person in a salon. In these workshops, students will understand the role of the stylists especially in the media industry and equip them with the knowledge, creativity, and practical skills for future jobs or personal satisfaction. 

 Who should attend:  -Makeup Artists, Models, and other industry professionals who want to gain additional knowledge  in fashion styling.-High school or college students wanting to pursue a career in the field of fashion styling.

-Anyone who’s curious / interested in the world of fashion

 1. Intro to fashion styling for the media (4 hours)Topics:

Definition of Styling,

Types of Stylists in the industry,

Communicating through the Art of Fashion,

Career Options,

Studying and getting inspiration from magazine tearsheets,

Practical Fashion shoot demo,

Things to bring:Magazines / Fashion photos,Digital camera (not required),Of course, don’t forget to bring out the fashionista in YOU! 

2. Fashion styling workshop with portfolio shoot (20 hours)Topics:

Fashion Styling 101,

Different Roles of the stylist in the industry,

How to start a career as a fashion stylist,

Relevant skills a stylist should know,

How to build contacts and promote yourself as a stylist,

Sourcing of clothes and accessories,

Editorial/Advertorial Styling (Magazine work),

Commercial Styling,Television and Print,

Celebrity Styling,Makeovers,

And many more…


Fashion Shoot for Students Portfolio (in CD format),

Free Stylist’s Set Card- 10pcs 4R prints.(so you can start working as a stylist ASAP) 

Things to bring:Different kinds of clothes, clothes and accessories (for the photo shoot, theme will be announced in class),Model for the shoot,Magazines,Digital camera (not required),Of course, don’t forget to bring out the fashionista in YOU! 

for enquiries pls E-mail: 

MSN: YM id: style_pedia

or pls visit : and Sophystique Singapore Website click here

thank you very much.